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Marketing strategies for small and growing businesses.
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5 Star Visibility provides the expertise that small businesses lack

We have a team of experienced marketers, graphic designers, and programmers who can design and execute the right marketing campaigns and strategies for your small business. 

Whether you need a new Website, SEO, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Content Marketing, or any other marketing service, 5 Star Visibility can be YOUR expert marketing team.

5 Star Visibility Agency Services

Marketing Strategy 

We are passionate about helping small businesses in South Florida achieve goals they didn’t think possible. Our strategy is customized to each business, where we work with you to understand your target audience and unique selling proposition. We then create and apply a distinct marketing plan that fits your budget so you can reach new heights of success.

Design & Develop

Once we become your design and development staff, we bring on experienced team members to design your website, social media, email marketing, SEO, and CRM (customer relationship management). Our experts will take care of everything when developing your campaigns so you can focus on important matters – like running your business!

Deploy & Manage

You’ll have to wonder no more on how your marketing assets and campaigns are performing. We use data-driven insights to optimize your campaigns, ensuring you get the best return on your investment. We also save you time and money by updating all your marketing software and tools when needed, avoiding and fixing any issues before they become your problems.

South Florida Industries We Serve

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Our Clients Are Saying

Results came in faster than any of us expected!

As a small business, we rely heavily on partners who provide services that we can not do ourselves. I am grateful we hooked up with 5-Star.  They have brought solutions to our most pressing problems and have upgraded our entire marketing programs.  We are amazed in the number of complements we have received already on our website.

Cindy Buttlesworth


There is nothing better than sitting at the table with your agency team.

We needed an agency like 5-Star for a long time. We have previously worked with a few companies that were not local to our South Florida office.  I like being able to drive over to their offices and brainstorm our future marketing campaigns.  The team at 5-Star always is there, that is very comforting to a business owner that needs help.

Paul Cokely


Hiring 5-Star was so much less expensive than building an expert staff

As a small business here in Fort Lauderdale, we just couldn't afford to build a staff of expert marketers.  Labor rates are continually going up. We needed a full-service marketing agency that knew our industry and could provide the expertise we needed and we have already gotten 200% ROI on the investment in our new marketing direction.

Chrissy Laravel


Great marketing ideas just flowed from the team at 5-Star

5 Star gave us over 20 different ideas to drive traffic to our website and get them to transact on our site. We had been struggling to come up with any fresh ideas.  Now my team can focus on operations as I have turned over all our marketing to Steve and the team at 5 Star.  We increased sales already in the first 60 days by over 15% - Very Happy.

Christine Tangelo


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